Process Mining for Python (pm4py)

A clean and simple python library for process mining.


pm4py is a python library that supports (state-of-the-art) process mining algorithms in python. It is completely open source and intended to be used in both academia and industry projects.

We are working hard to release a pre-alpha version as well as (extensive) documentation and pydoc! You can always check out (changes to) the source code at the github repo.

A sneak preview, to whet your apetite:

from pm4py.algo.discovery.alpha import factory as alpha_miner
from pm4py.objects.log.importer.xes import factory as xes_importer
from pm4py.visualization.petrinet import factory as vis_factory

log = xes_importer.import_log('<path-to-xes-log-file>')
net, initial_marking, final_marking = alpha_miner.apply(log)
gviz = vis_factory.apply(net, initial_marking, final_marking)